Supply Chain

Base on the background of increasing social responsibility, the policy of the A.G.GUQINNA  pays particular attention to consumer protection and the impact on the environment, and through projects that are aimed at supporting its business, it aims to involve all stakeholders and its product supply chain.

A.G. GUQINNA ensures  that all products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards requires the continuous collaboration and involvement of the entire supply chain to ensure that suppliers gradually integrate changes in their products and processes.


The Social and Environmental Codes of Conduct, designed to ensure that production is carried out in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards, are shared with suppliers at the time that each contract is signed. These are in any case available on the company website, on which the main rules concerning the ethical and social rules of conduct with which all suppliers must comply are defined. In recent decades, collaboration with its suppliers has been a certain source of added value for the Group, which has led to the brand attracting attention and a reputation for reliability at levels of the utmost prestige in the international arena.


Using the support of inspection companies which are accredited by major international organisations, the A.G.GUQINNA  constantly monitors its supply chain as regards compliance with the principal rules on ethical-social behaviour, safety standards in the workplace and respect for the environment. The monitoring tools used range from regular visits from technicians, to self-assessment web platforms, to targeted social and environmental auditing programmes, modulated according to the processes carried out by the various suppliers. Through these systems, the Group has established a social and environmental plan for the sharing of good social and environmental practices, with the aim of helping to increase the overall level of awareness of the sector.


The chemical safety of the substances used in the manufacture of products and the production processes has become a key issue in the fashion industry.
Regulatory requirements and strategies increasingly converge and influence the traditional commercial relationship between the different actors in the supply chain, up to and including the producer of the chemicals used. The A.G.GUQINNA , which devotes the utmost attention to products that are placed on the market in terms of consumer safety and the control of their environmental impact, and which already adopts more restrictive limits at the international level, reaffirms its commitment to the elimination of hazardous substances from its production processes and products.Through these systems, the Group has established a social and environmental plan for the sharing of good social and environmental practices, with the aim of helping to increase the overall level of awareness of the sector.


In line with these objectives, besides the commitment to Zero Discharge 2020, for some years now the A.G.GUQINNA has equipped itself with a Product Safety Control system, which contains the guidelines for the requirement of testing by all employees, to ensure a continuous and methodical control over the chemicals used in the finished product.
The Restricted Substance List (RSL) is the product safety management reference document for suppliers, laboratories and technical departments. The Group’s RSL guides suppliers and the supply chain towards the reduction and progressive elimination of potentially hazardous chemicals. The parameters are defined by means of “case studies” — analysis of the tests that are conducted every season to assess the presence and quantification of specific chemicals in our goods — and through the ongoing discussion with stakeholders.

Some of the main case studies carried out to date include: alkylphenols, chromium VI, perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), phthalates and dimethylformamide.
The document is the result of constant legislative updating and the sharing of information with the stakeholders involved in the production process, including suppliers, chemical laboratories and associations.

In order to be one of the promoters of change and to take on the global challenges of sustainability as an opportunity to create value, the Group actively collaborates with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and a number of other international working groups on the chemical safety of products and environmental protection and biodiversity.


To monitor its journey towards Zero Discharge, the A.G.GUQINNA  relies upon the collaboration of the best and most respected specialised chemical laboratories in the industry, which ensure not only the most reliable analytical techniques, but also the ongoing regulatory updating of the specifications.